this is my thanx to all my friends who supported me:


Gert Bertram for the new website 2016


Vicente Celi from Phlexton Studios with his great masters


Artus Unival - who provided my first website with his great graphic


Kai Osterhage - who realized the first website of SunalleyProd.


Uwe Weiss - my technical mac supporter (without him..)


Frank Seele - playing with Less Funny Beduins and Secret Dreams 4 (drums)


Michael Skrzypczak - playing with Less Funny Beduins and The Dry Halleys


Birgit Kmiecinski - playing with Less Funny Beduins (vocals, clarinet, perc.)


Ullrik Spiess - playing with Amir Arab´s first jazz-punk band (jazz-drummer)


Tim A.Budde

Jeremias Petersen




Martina Glomb


X-tended - Music-Instruments-Reperation-Service at X-berg, Berlin

                        Lovisa Ivenholt

For all artworks on this website I wanna thank Lovisa Ivenholt a lot, who gave me her help for this project and gives me her trust.



© 2016 Sunalley Production

by all CD`S at the links down below...

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