Amir Arab

started with music 1981 in Bremen / Western Germany.  Punk got the new excitement in music and took away all the young “rebels”.

He started his career as a musician with a jazz-punk band (Die Eigentümer). Next project was a real punk band, changing their bandname every single gig (example: Grausame Ausstellung).

After beeing member of the next band project (Schwarze Spiegel), the new wave began to interest all those , who had enough of 1,2,3,4 and (just) go.

Fantastic bands and totally new sounds appeared, and he founded the “Less Funny Beduins” (1984-1992). Amir Arab was composer of their songs, guitarist and singer. They varied some different soundformations like a percussion group without traditional drums.

Meanwhile Amir Arab started solo projects and created a rough electronical, experimental way, with sounds and drum machines. At that time, Bremen has been one of the Centers in Germany with Reinhild Hoffmann´s “Dance Theatre”, one of the founders of this new revolutionary dance style music. He played live with the “Less Funny Beduins” for a solo dancer of her group (Orlando Fornaris from New York).

He composed music for underground cinema and documentation movies.

In the 90′s he started several projects with the toaster Mystic Dan and the DJ Ralph v. Richthoven as Fixed 3Tha Lixs or Tribal 3 , in the uprising ragga style music, later changing to drum`n`bass.

Amir Arab was guest musician of “Pachinko Fake“, playing percussions on the two long players Por la Vida (1994) and Claustrophobia and other Joys (2009, a live-CD).

1993 he was a member of “The Dry Halleys“, a wave/metal-techno-space band. He played percussions, electronic drums, guitars and background vocals on a spacy stage, surrounded by dancers and sometimes poets. And more and more he also got the composer.

1997 he set up his own studio and produced many different bands and projects, from jazz to metal. He got very interested in worldmusic, while doing his first remix and a production for the african musician Shopa de Miguel. From that on, he started remixing and also composing worldmusic solo.

After he moved to Berlin, he got a contract with the independent “fuego” label (2007), one of the first internet labels in Germany. Amir Arab founded the “Sunalley Project” (a global beat/art/compositions project, including very good guest musicians) and the production company SunalleyProd. From that time on, he also spreading releases through the world-wide-web.

Meanwhile, he continued with remixing worldmusic bands, released on their CD´s and on different dance compilations CD´s at “Club-Star Rec.” (included his own dance tracks) and others.

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